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George Vanderpool
(Chief Executive Officer)
About Us
HealthCare Barbados is a subsidiary of Casualty and Property Risk Inc. (CPR Inc.).  The operation was started in November of 2005 by its current CEO George Vanderpool an experienced insurance professional of over 30 years. Mr. Vanderpool was the first recipient of the Barbados Diploma in Insurance, a graduate of the University of the West Indies in Management Studies and a graduate of the University of California, Riverside in Medical Case Management where he has been honoured for his outstanding performance as one of their rising stars.  
  HCB specializes in the delivery of Medical Case Management Solutions; we work closely in a consultancy or advisory capacity with individuals or companies in ensuring the efficient use of medical services on the behalf of the injured party to achieve a satisfactory outcome. HCB plans, facilitates, manages and monitors the medically necessary services on behalf of the client, towards achieving their Maximum Medical Recovery (MMR). HCB also offers advice through its health insurance affiliate Casualty & Property Risk Insurance Brokers Inc. regarding group and individual health coverage, personal injury protection, accident and sickness benefit and Travel insurance.
What Makes Us Unique?
HCB is an innovative organization, which continues to pioneer many medical case management and personal injury claims solutions for the insurance industry.  We are patient and client focused, and dedicated to balancing the patients’ needs and outcomes with cost-effectiveness.   Our utilization management programs ensure that the very best in-patient and out-patient care services are provided and supported through a dedicated and professional care coordinating team. 
At HCB we are committed to providing excellent service at every stage of the rehabilitation process, whether it is on or off island care, pre-admission certification, determination of length of stay, concurrent or retrospective review, discharge planning,  home-help care, or life care planning our team stands ready to facilitate all of your medical and rehabilitation needs. HCB maintains a dedicated panel of advisory physicians and consultants who understand that our primary goal at all times is to achieve a satisfactory outcome on behalf of the patient, without compromising their safety or privacy. 
Why HCB is much more than just a care coordinating entity 
With more than 30 years experience in the insurance field, the principals of HCB bring a unique blend of local knowledge and international benchmark expertise to the realm of medical claims management of personal injury and illness, which no other could possibly match within the jurisdiction. HCB’s approach is one of constant monitoring and communication with all parties involved in the rehabilitation of the patient including family members. We have the capability to respond to any catastrophic situation including the arranging of overseas care if necessary.
Medical claims settlements often raise questions regarding the reasonableness or necessity of certain medical services; HCB’s case management programs addresses these issues by conducting a cost benefit analysis of the recommended procedure against a second opinion or independent medical evaluation, this determines the most effective and affordable care medically necessary, without compromising patient care or outcome satisfaction. Our primary concern is always that the patient receives the most effective and affordable care medically necessary.  Our review process therefore involves applications which are helpful to both the patient and the insurer.
Rehabilitation & Maximising the Return to Wellness
At HCB we bring together the blend of specialists and resources to assist in identifying and alleviating those factors, which otherwise would hinder or prevent the Maximum Medical Recovery (MMR) of the patient from occurring in the shortest possible time. We recognize that debilitation and its effect on maintaining activities of daily living (ADL) following an accident, can present significant challenges for an individual in these modern times. The attendant distractions of personal issues, such as family, financial and legal matters can prevent the injured party from pursuing or achieving a speedy return to mental, emotional and physical wellness. At HCB our approach is therefore a holistic one which recognizes the entire person and not just focus on the injury sustained.
Our Mission

Through the provision of specialized access to the widest range of medical data processing and medical claims consultancy services, on the behalf of our customers we will be recognized as the leading facilitator in the delivery of quality, cost-effective healthcare, medical management and insurance services in the Caribbean.

Core Values

* Sensitivity to Customers' Needs

* Creativity & Innovation

* Perseverance

* Professionalism

* Integrity, Dependability and Service

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